Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Zoning is a GO!!!

We just got out of the zoning board meeting and we were approved on all counts!

  • Manufacture alcohol?  Check!
  • Wholesale sales?  Check!
  • Retail sales?  BIG CHECK!
  • ~50 person occupancy in the front of the house?  Check!
  • Sign on the back of the building?  Check-a-roo!
  • One year to complete the project instead of 6 months?  PRICELESS!
I can't even begin to explain how totally excited I am that we got everything we asked for. 

I also want to thank the people who came out to support us. You guys are great!


  1. AWESOME!!!! So many people are excited to try your beer!!!

  2. Congratulations guys! You really deserved this. I'll look forward to drink your beer while doing essay writing service haha. This is some really amazing news for sure.