Monday, May 16, 2016

Brandywine Valley Craft Brewers Festival

We went to the festival as guests and had a great time. I doubt we'll be open in time to bring beer next year, but we will definitely be there in 2018!

In other news, the team is slowly pulling together all of the details and the business plan is finally coming together. Assembling quotes is a scary thing. The numbers keep adding to the total and the total is getting big!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last week at CBC

Last week was exhausting. I spent the week in Philly at the Craft Brewer's Conference. Ran into so many people that I know and I made a few new friends.

In other news, I think I found who will be supplying the brewhouse. Their systems are reasonably priced, but their tanks are freakishly expensive. I'll be going elsewhere for those.

Also, I found a supplier for ceramic mugs and a local guy to do stickers and signs.

There was so much to see at the conference. It was mind-boggling.

More later, emails to answer and phone calls to make!